Newsletter Sep_2017

CCA Riverside Basic School Build

2017 Scarborough Summerfest Victor Shim

China’s fortified Hakka Tulous Villages

China’s fortified Hakka Tulous Villages

Ray Chen’s Periwinkle Books

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I am sure the $4,000 show is a misprint. 

Scarborough Summer Fest

Winter Cruise with Suzy (Margaret) Chan

Charley’s cooking video.

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  1. I am positive that Ray Chen’s book is JA $ 4,000.00 because at the bottom of the page it shows stores in Jamaica where the book can be purchased. And that is a steal of a deal for an awesome and extremely beautiful collection of images of Jamaica.

    Hank Schut,
    Fairy Hill/Boston district,

  2. Very good work Laddie. Continue doing what you are doing. As an adopted member of the Jamaican Chinese Community, I look forward to the monthly editions of your Newsletters.

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