Newsletter Sep_2017

CCA Riverside Basic School Build

2017 Scarborough Summerfest Victor Shim

China’s fortified Hakka Tulous Villages

China’s fortified Hakka Tulous Villages

Ray Chen’s Periwinkle Books

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I am sure the $4,000 show is a misprint. 

Scarborough Summer Fest

Winter Cruise with Suzy (Margaret) Chan

Charley’s cooking video.

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  1. I am positive that Ray Chen’s book is JA $ 4,000.00 because at the bottom of the page it shows stores in Jamaica where the book can be purchased. And that is a steal of a deal for an awesome and extremely beautiful collection of images of Jamaica.

    Hank Schut,
    Fairy Hill/Boston district,

  2. Very good work Laddie. Continue doing what you are doing. As an adopted member of the Jamaican Chinese Community, I look forward to the monthly editions of your Newsletters.

    • Oct 19, 2017 Hello Colin Tyrie. My name is Thompson Lee (Tommie). Are you the Colin Tyrie that I met many, many years ago at Kingston Technical School? Among our friends were Earl Chin Loy, Harry Chin, James Chung, Keith Binns. If you are, it would be great to get in touch with you.

  3. Hey Cherry, nice to hear from you. You bet I remember you. You are Iris and Vickie’s brother. I am living in Leesburg, Virginia. A very peaceful and beautiful section of North America. I am now 83 years old, the father of five children and five grands. Keep in touch Cherry. A we back.

  4. My great aunt Leila Hurlock, who was born in 1917 in MoBay, apparently married a Chinese man in Kingston named Ho-Sang, first name not known. I was wondering if anyone may have known them although they both are most definitely passed by now, if they were indeed married or if they had any kids?

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