Newsletter July 2017

Obituary – Lisa Chen

Family and friends Funeral service for Lisa Chen will be 10 am Tuesday July 11, 2017 at
Our Lady Queen of the World Catholic Church 10411 Bayview Ave.
There will be no visitations

Obituary – Ronald Young

Ronald F. Young (Ron) passed away on Tuesday, July 4, 2017, at the Jupiter Medical Center, Jupiter Fl. He suffered a massive cardiac arrest in conjunction with a respiratory failure. He subsequently passed away peacefully surrounded by members of his family. He was 84 years old.

Ron is survived by his loving and devoted wife, Beverly,  5 children and 11 grandchildren/ great grandchildren. In addition, Ron is also survived by three sisters and a brother, as well as a  large extended family in the U.S., Canada, Jamaica, and Panama.

Ron was born in Hong Kong but spent his youth and the earlier portion of his life in Jamaica, and for a period, in Hong Kong. He and his family lived in May Pen, Jamaica where they had a thriving entrepreneurial business made up of a number of retail establishments. Through a great deal of hard work, the family prospered and enjoyed an idyllic life in this Caribbean nation. Following a period of social and political in the 1960’s, however, Ron and his immediate family emigrated to New York. Many years later, Ron and Beverly moved to Miami, FL to escape the cold weather and to be closer to the family.

Ron was a man whose passion was his family.  At the same time, he loved a good joke and was constantly spreading his cheerful nature to family members and friends. He also enjoyed fishing and target shooting but his first love was always his family. He will always be remembered for his high ethical standards, honesty, fairness, his devotion to his family, and a good nature who loved to make jokes and please others.




Obituary – Owen Chin Loy

Obituary – Father Louis Grenair S.J

Many of you might remember Father Grenier from Above Rocks and St. Georges College.

Achievements – Dr. Karis Chin Quee PhD

Cancer biologist/neuroscientist/nutritionist, Karis Chin-Quee obtained her Ph.D. in cellular and molecular physiology from Penn State at the Hershey College of Medicine.

However, prior to embarking on a Ph.D. program, funded by a fellowship obtained by Dr. Lauriann Young at the University of the West Indies, she was lead investigator in a project examining the impact of stress on marijuana addiction using an animal model.  This work yielded two manuscripts: one of which has been submitted to the West Indian Medical Journal and the other will be submitted after the first is published. 

Her first publication in an international, peer-reviewed journal, came in 2013 where she co-authored, BRMS1 Sensitizes Breast Cancer Cells to ATP-Induced Growth Suppression in the open access journal, Bioresearch. 

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A first author paper followed in the journal, Biomedical Central (cancer) entitled:

 “MDA-MET-conditioned-medium augments the chemoattractant-dependent migration of MDA-MET cells towards hFOB-conditioned medium and increases collagenase activity.”

This work examined the reason behind the predilection of breast cancer cells (represented by MDA-MET cells) for bone (represented by hFOB cells).

Karis has presented her work, in the neuroscience of marijuana addiction, cancer metastasis and work in insulin resistance from her Master’s degree in nutrition, at several international conferences.  As a nutritionist, she has also been the guest speaker at the annual general meeting of the coconut growers of Jamaica and written an article published in the Jamaican Daily Gleaner appealing for the context in the reporting of the studies done on coconut oil.

Her most recent research position has been in neuroscience on a project examining the pathways in the brain involved in the impact of gastric bypass surgery on taste preference. She hopes to continue her research career in the area of neurodevelopmental diseases such as autism or neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.





Professor Herbert Ho Ping Kong – Musgrave Medal

Professor Herbert Ho Ping Kong awarded gold Musgrave Medal.

The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen

Submitted by Penny Williams.

Toronto Hakka Festival 2017

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  1. Dear Laddie,
    Thank you for re-publishing Fr. Louis Grenier’s Remembrance. I would not have known of his passing had I not seen it our newsletter. I will always remember him for his warmth, kindness and generous and noble spirit which made him dedicate his life to the people of our island. He worked tirelessly but is now at rest. He was truly a ‘Champion’ for Jamaica.

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