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Sherwin Tony Chong – Son of Two Mothers











Son of Two Mothers has a sweeping historical backdrop that spans WW II, The Sino-Japanese War, and countries that include Jamaica, China and Canada. But above all, it remains an intensely personal book.

Sherwin Tony Chong was borne of two mothers and two lands. Never quite belonging in any one place.

It is a landmark work, giving voice to a unique people that have helped to forge a nation. The themes are universal: The need for a mother’s love, the quest for identity, the power of forgiveness.

It is tempting to compare Son of Two Mothers to Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes or to Jung Chang’s Wild Swans. It certainly contains elements of both: The grinding poverty set against key moments in history, the need to understand who we are even in the twilight of our lives.

It is a simply told tale, and at times heart breaking memoir, that resonates with truth from someone who has never pretended to be anything but his unvarnished self.

In doing so, it transports the reader into a distinct time, place and culture that as evidenced by the Jamaican coat of arms, is truly out of many one people.

Dalton Yap







Dalton Yap was a young, enthusiastic professional, enjoying a promising career. With a wife and two young children, he had plans set in place for a bright future. One day his reality changed forever when he was falsely accused of fraud and negligence by his employer, the Jamaica Citizens Bank. A Matter of Conduct is the true story of Dalton's ten-year legal battle with his former employer and the fight of his life to clear his family's name.

Robert Lee – More Love Less Fear








More Love, Less Fear: A Memoir. A Love Story about a Husband, a Wife, and the Deadly Disease of ALS

The despair that befalls a family when one of its own is forever changed by illness or tragedy is an experience we can only hope to escape. A serious accident, stroke, terminal illness, or more can cause stress and sorrow that are often unbearable. But we don't get to choose from a menu of life lessons. We simply wake up one day to them sitting on our plate. The question then becomes: What do you do? Daybreak jogs, PTA meetings, church choir rehearsals, laughter, and family time-these were the basic ingredients of Robert and Theresa Lee's life together. Then, at age forty-three, Theresa was diagnosed with ALS. With raw honesty and grace, Robert chronicles the inspiring story of his late wife's twelve-year dance with the disease, his role as her caregiver, and the highs and lows ALS took their marriage through. A touching memoir filled with moments of lightheartedness, wisdom and simple humanity, readers will be uplifted by this brave couple's tale of unconditional love and their ultimate message: "You are not alone" "Life is a never-ending teacher of lessons. The question is, 'Are we paying attention' In 2002, my life, which all along had been filled with many of these blessings-lessons-or blessons as I called them-presented the greatest challenge my family and I would have to face yet" -Robert Lee, author

Carol Williams Wong – Letters to my Grandchildren







Carol Mearle Williams-Wong (Ngui, Lan Fuhn) was born in Petersfield, Westmoreland, Jamaica, educated at Wolmer’s High School in Kingston, married in Montreal, Quebec, and returned to live in Montego Bay, Jamaica a mother of three sons.

Resettling in Unionville, Ontario, Canada, Carol was active in her community to earn one of the City of Markham Mayor’s Senior Hall of Fame awards. As an outstanding President of Unionville Tennis Club, she was bestowed a Lifetime Membership.

Presently, Carol is the Past President of Tsung Tsin (Hakka) Association of Ontario, Canada, where she was feared admired and respected as the Hakka Chinese Dragon Lady.

She and her husband, Edward continue to reside in Unionville while her children and grand-children are living in Richmond Hill, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia and Seattle, Washington, USA.

The Art of Medicine – Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong

What exactly do I mean by the art of medicine?
I mean, in the first instance, a greater emphasis on the human factor.
I mean bringing three key human senses - sight, hearing and touch- more centrally into the doctor-patient relationship in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
I mean learning how to become an advocate for patients, both within and without the medical community.
I mean bringing empathy, intuition, out-of-the-box thinking and attention to the entire patient- mind and body.

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