Where are they now?

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The Chinese Jamaican community is now spread world wide.

Have you ever wonder where that old friend of yours from back in school, or your old home town in Jamaica disappeared to in the world or even if that person is still with us?

Contact us and we will see if we can help you by tapping into our large community data base and contacts in the community.

Post your comments or inquiries in the comments section below.

Laddie Kong


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  1. I was wondering if you have anyone in your system related to the late Thomas Chong from Luke and Barry street and his cousin Daisy chong who married Albert they owned a grocery stores in race course.

    Pls let me know
    Thank you

    Angela Chunghung

  2. I’m am looking for anyone related to the late Thomas Chong from Luke and Barry street. he has 3 offspring lee, Chinni and ozzie. Thomas has a cousin Daisy chong who married Albert the owned a store in race course Clarendon.

    Any help is appreciated

  3. My grandmother was known as Nina Young and was married to my grandfather that had many wives Young Mew Tong. She left Jamaica with her sons and daughters and to Hong Kong in 1930 on SS TYNDAREUS. My aunt was born on the ship. We are trying to find our her date of birth and wondering if any one knows about how we can get registry of passengers on the boat or if anyone has relatives that use took this journey. She was also known as May Ho or Nina Ho maiden name. She had 5 children with George Chin and the 3 with Young Mew Tong.

  4. Check Ellis Island and City of Vancouver archives. I just checked http://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/s-s-tyndareus and they have records there. This ship would have departed from Vancouver, not Jamaica. Therefore she probably went through New York or Halifax ports. They may also have travelled through London (check Ancestry uk)

Share with us your experience in this city.