Increase cost to maintain site.

In the past, I have restricted most of the information on this website to things CJ or Hakka related, but I am going to break my rule today and discuss computer security. For those of you who are computer gurus you can stop reading now, but for those of you that are only casual users like email, Google searches, you many not be up to date on what is going on in cyberspace.

In the past, our website was down as the result of a hacking, which resulted in our site being down nearly a year and it was almost impossible for me with my ability to fix, and as result, I had to wipe the entire site clean and start all over.

To prevent a reoccurrence of this problem, it is becoming more and more onerous on me to keep up to date on all subjects about security.I will be subscribing to a number of security companies that will monitor the website. This will mean additional costs over and above what I am now paying. for items such as domain registration, hosting, themes, and plugins, and the like.

As I am not a computer programmer I use a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress to create this website. There is a number of CMS like Joomla and Weebly that are commonly used, but WordPress is by far the most used CMS in the world and many major websites using WordPress, such as BBC and Bloomberg.

Here is my dilemma! To defray these costs I have two choices.

I can monetize the site by placing advertising on the site or
I can ask for subscribers to make a small contribution to help defray the expenses.
Posting of flyers or announcement of events for the community will continue for free. The site as it stands now is totally paid for by me. Promotions of books by CJ’s or travel group are also free.

Your feedback will be most helpful in making this decision. You can email me directly with your thoughts at