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Shui Mein Nite – TTA

THHA Plum Blossom Ball April 22nd, 2017

Green China Rising

This was submitted by Lloyd Tenn. The video is nearly an hour long but more than worth while watching. After watching it made me proud to be Chinese. 


Chinese Scouts Gay Farewell Party for scouts leaving for the 8th World Jamboree reported in the Pagoda Magazine

Funny how the word "Gay" has changed in its connotation.

Can anyone identify the girls the boys are dancing with?

This section of the Pagoda Magazine dated August 20th, 1955 was submitted by Neville Hoo. It was kindly loaned to him by Roy Tenn.

If anyone has copies of old Pagoda magazines we would love to copy them digitally to add to our archives.

According to Clive Fung, who was the last editor of the magazine, the copies that he had, were unfortunately lost in a fire. The magazine was first edited by Thomas HoLung, followed by Eddie Young, then Leslie Chin and finally by Clive Fung. 


Keith Chang, Andrew Hoo and Laddie Kong

Who the skinny guy sitting on the post? 

We are Hakka. Tour of Hakka country.

Keith Lyn

Born in Jamaica under the sign of Pisces.

He was a strong foundation member and lead singer with the Caribbean number one band, Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, and was recognized as the artist most consistently capturing the number one spot on the Caribbean Charts during the seventies, eighties and nineties.

Keith is also the co-writer of the International hit son "Jamaica Ska" which was featured in the film "Back to the Beach" with Anette Funicello and recorded by many bands worldwide. Keith is well know for his signature song "Empty Chair" and "Portrait of my Love" which was dedicated to the first Miss Jamaica to win the title of "Miss World" (Carole Joan Crawford). 

He also featured in the James Bond movie "Dr.No" film singing the opening number "Three BlindMice" and "Jamaica Jump-up" along with the Dragonaires.

Here are some of Keith songs featured on YouTube. This is a playlist of 6 of your favorite Keith songs.


Keith has toured extensively world-wide, notably in Germany, Iceland, Hungary,England, Taiwan, Brazil and is famous throughout many of the Caribbean Islands and South America.

Today, Keith still sings, tours and is involved in volunteer work giving back to the community from which he has received so much.