Kong Village visit

In 1985 I made my first trip to China to visit my Ancestral village Yu Gam Pu Cun. (Kong Village)


Many of you in the CJ community have also visited your villages and I would be nice if you would share your experience with us by sending me a  narrative of your visit as well as photographs. 

If you want to pin point exactly where you village is located you can go to to the website show above which was created by the Jamaica Chinese Benevolent Association. If you have not viewed this site before you are missing out on your heritage.

I was fortunate to have my brother in law (Marie's brother) Phang Tow Min (now deceased) join us as he lives in Hong Kong and knows the area very well, even though at the time he had not returned in years. We took a taxi from the border at Shenzhen, and it seems as if we only traveled 30 to 40 minutes before we arrived.

My Uncle Harry had visited many years before as well as my cousin Winston Kong, who went there more recently, so he was able to give me the name of some of our cousins.

I was taken to my house and it was very emotional just going inside and touching various artifacts. My visit was short and I did not have the customary dinner for everyone, and I was told later that this was viewed as my being a "poor thing" :-). Back in those days if was customary to give Fung Bow but today most of our relative have done so well they now give us the Fung Bow. 

Anyway here are some pictures of my visit, and on returning some 20 years later I was amazed at the changes that have occurred in China in such a short time.

If you would like to share with us your visit to your village send me your narrative in a Word format as well as Jpegs of your village and I will put it together in a format like this one.


Entrance to Vilalge

Yu Gam Bu

Door to house

Yu Gam Bu

Cousin in front of house