Increase cost to maintain site.

In the past, I have restricted most of the information on this website to things CJ or Hakka related, but I am going to break my rule today and discuss computer security. For those of you who are computer gurus you can stop reading now, but for those of you that are only casual users like email, Google searches, you many not be up to date on what is going on in cyberspace.

In the past, our website was down as the result of a hacking, which resulted in our site being down nearly a year and it was almost impossible for me with my ability to fix, and as result, I had to wipe the entire site clean and start all over.

To prevent a reoccurrence of this problem, it is becoming more and more onerous on me to keep up to date on all subjects about security.I will be subscribing to a number of security companies that will monitor the website. This will mean additional costs over and above what I am now paying. for items such as domain registration, hosting, themes, and plugins, and the like.

As I am not a computer programmer I use a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress to create this website. There is a number of CMS like Joomla and Weebly that are commonly used, but WordPress is by far the most used CMS in the world and many major websites using WordPress, such as BBC and Bloomberg.

Here is my dilemma! To defray these costs I have two choices.

I can monetize the site by placing advertising on the site or
I can ask for subscribers to make a small contribution to help defray the expenses.
Posting of flyers or announcement of events for the community will continue for free. The site as it stands now is totally paid for by me. Promotions of books by CJ’s or travel group are also free.

Your feedback will be most helpful in making this decision. You can email me directly with your thoughts at

Newsletter June 2017

Finding Samuel Lowe

Watch Full Episodes Online of Doc World on PBS with Finding Samuel Lowe's Jeanette Kong.

who talks about the importance of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 


Shirley Elaine Lim Cameron, passed away at age 79, on 04/03/17. Her funeral was held in Florida on 04/10/17. A memorial mass will be held in Jamaica, at Stella Maris Catholic Church, 62 Shortwood Rd., Kingston 8, Jamaica, on 05/27/17 at 11:00am. May you rest in peace,

Mary Elizabeth Lee (Betty), 88, formerly of Keesing Avenue, Kingston, Jamaica, passed away May 30, 2017, in Tamarac, Florida. She was married to the late Hubert Lee (Lee Tenn Lyn) and is survived by sisters Bernadette Shim and Sylvia Chin; brother-in-law George Shim and many loving nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends. Visitation will be Tuesday, June 6th, 9:00 am - 10:15 am at Landmark Funeral Home, Hollywood, Florida. Funeral Mass at 11:00 am at St. Maximillian Kolbe Catholic Church, 701 N. Hiatus Road, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation in her memory to St. Maximillian Kolbe Catholic Church with a memo to St. Vincent de Paul Society. 

Popular radiologist dies at 78

Longtime radiologist Dr. John Soong died at his home Monday. He was 78. Soong retired from Putnam Community Medical Center

Beverly A Wong 

April 14, 1940, to May 29, 2017.Leaving behind husband Harold Wong, siblings Elenor Chin, Winston Lee and Eric Lee, Children Gilbert Rose, Raymond Rose, Helena Chung, and Todd Wong, Grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

Memorial at Calgary Chapel, Miami, 11975 SW 2nd Street, Miami, Fl 33184

Sat. June 10/17    5:30 pm -  Calvary Chapel Miami, 11975 SW 2nd St., Miami, Fl 33184

Michael Chen - 

Recent passings with more information to come.

Eric Fong Yee - Engineer, Stresscon Ja.

Email safety from Microsoft

How to recognize phishing email messages, links, or phone calls

Phishing email messages, websites, and phone calls are designed to steal money. Cybercriminals can do this by installing malicious software on your computer or stealing personal information off of your computer.
Cyber criminals also use social engineering to convince you to install malicious software or hand over your personal information under false pretenses. They might email you, call you on the phone, or convince you to download something off of a website.For more information on this subject go to -

Keith Lyn performing at Christ the King

Come out and support the Church and enjoy

the music of the maestro of music Keith Lyn.

First Chinese American

The Forgotten Story of the “First Chinese American”

A Bucknell alumnus led the fight for Chinese enfranchisement in the 19th century.

By Scott D. Seligman

Wong Chin Foo

America's civil rights movements have all had their Martin Luther Kings, their César Chávezes and Gloria Steinems. But to whom can Chinese Americans point? Chinese have been in the United States in sizeable numbers since the California Gold Rush. They were shamefully mistreated, denied rights for most of a century and are generally thought to have borne everything the American establishment dished out passively and without much protest. This canard does an injustice to a little-known Bucknell alumnus, however. Nineteenth-century Chinese in America had a leader and a fighter in Wong Chin Foo (1847–98), a compelling and controversial figure whose story is a forgotten chapter in the history of the struggle for equal rights for all.

For the entire article go to -


Chinese Jamaicans World Wide

Professor Mackie Lue

Part one - my time in Jamaica. Part two - my life in China


Reminiscences of Life in Jamaica

This period was one of the happiest in my memory, that of carefree boyhood. I attended the government elementary school located at the top of a hill. Different grades were grouped separately in a large hall, with the headmaster sitting on an upraised stand to oversee the performance of the teachers and conduct of the pupils. I remember a lady teacher who described the process of food digestion, how the saliva in the mouth acted on starch to turn it into sugar, and in the stomach, the gastric juices took over and in the small intestine, the pancreatic juice furthered the process of digestion, after which absorption took place. I was enthralled by the subject and later got commended for the best essay on digestion.

My parents had a grocery shop but I did not help them very much except for frying “fritters” to be sold on Saturdays. These were made of a flour paste mixed with pieces of salted fish then deep-fried. They sold readily, being a sort of “fast food” for the buyers.

Click down arrow to continue reading.....


Most of my time after school was spent roving around with a local boy who lived nearby; we usually roamed about the excellent northern coast beaches of the bay. He was an expert catapult shooter and taught me how to fashion catapults from forked branches and motorcar tire tube. Although not up to his level, I also became proficient with a catapult, and I remember shooting a small eel-like fish called “Piper” then boiling it with seawater in a discarded tin container. There was one ideal natural swimming pool on the coast between St. Ann’s Bay and Priory to the west that I particularly remember: it was surrounded by a shark-proof circular coral reef, and diving under the surface revealed beautifully colored fishes in the crystal-clear water.

We raised a few pair of pigeons and I never tired of watching their activities and could imitate quite well the cooing of the cocks. My interest in animals may have had its beginning then.

Kingston - Overseas Chinese School - Feb 1941 to Feb 1945

Due to bankruptcy of our grocery shop, my parents moved to Kingston from St. Ann’s Bay in 1941 to open a small shop at 21 Sutton Street. It was rather near to the Overseas Chinese School located at the northernmost end of Hanover Street where I was sent to school, and so I had no need to board, but could come back home for every meal. This period of my schooling was crucial in molding my destiny.

The headmaster Mr. Zeng Gongyi (Chen Gung Yi) was my teacher in most of the subjects, including Chinese language, history, social ethics etc. In teaching modern Chinese history, he spared no efforts in relating the numerous invasions of China by the Western Powers, as well as the indemnities and other unequal treaties imposed on us; in short, his “National Humiliation” education was indelibly impressed on our young minds to ignite a fiery spirit of patriotism. On one 7th July anniversary of the Ant-Japanese War of Aggression, we paraded through Kingston downtown area holding placards with Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek picture and “Aid China” slogan on it. I and my classmate buddy, Mr. Daniel Kong of Toronto, used to walk around the school playground making future plans for reconstructing China.


Mandarin as the National Language was taught here based on the alphabetized phonetics developed by an American linguistic scholar. .Mr. Zeng gave excellent lessons, so much that when I first arrived in China, my mandarin fluency was better than that of the local Cantonese.

Other bits of memoirs that come to my mind include: 1. The sight of the headmaster, Mr. Zeng, a rather paunchy man of 40, bending over with straight knees and placing his palms flat on the ground astonished us. This was amazing for even at our age it was not easy to do so. 2. To encourage the use of Chinese (Hakka) dialect, each day a pupil was given the on duty task of supervising oral communication during recess. He or she would be given a small switch, with which anyone found not speaking Chinese would be subjected to a light lash from behind. 3. There was a big Bombay mango tree growing in the school, and in fruiting season, I would endeavor after school to bring down some with a slingshot. 4. Everyday at noon a man from outside would come inside the school gate with a pan of “Bao” (Chinese style stuffed dumplings) catering to the boarding pupils. His business was brisk, but I never bought any since my lunches were taken at home.

Helping at my parent’s shop consisted chiefly of book-keeping of customers’ debts, when payment for goods sold on credit to certain persons would be collected on Saturday nights. As reward for my help, my father usually gave me two shillings every week, which I would save solely for buying books at Sangster’s Book Store. I was an assiduous reader and loved to read novels written by Zane Grey about pioneers, cowboys, Indians of early American West, as well as technical book related to livestock production. Among the latter was one book entitled “Animal Breeding” which I found was the textbook of my university course later in China.

Kingston - St. George's College - Feb 1945 to Mar 1947

After my graduation from the Chinese school, I was sent to St. George’s College in Kingston and was allotted to 3B class. when after one year’s study, I was advanced to 4a class, but was whisked off to China one month later. March 1947. Although I was in St. George’s for only a little over one year, I still retained some interesting impressions of that period.

Being a Catholic school, most of the teachers were priest with only few exceptions, like our mathematics teacher, one Mr. Brown, who was congratulated on gaining a B.A. degree by the 3B class students. Every morning before classes, all the students had to line up in a courtyard to hear the Headmaster speak, but I usually did not pay much attention to what he said, only remembering the ending “In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen”. Our Spanish teacher, Father Donovan used to give some inattentive boys a light knock on the forehead with the back of his fingers, but these in anticipation would swiftly draw back to avoid the knock. The father solved this problem by stepping on one foot of the offender so he could not retract backward far enough to escape. I remember one boy who got this treatment calling out “Father you are stepping on my foot!” sending a ripple of mirth through the classroom.

Sports events were frequent on the college grounds and I took keen interest in them. An upper class student called “King” because he was a king scout, invited me to enter his House (I forgot the name) and to become a player in the House’s football team. The position allotted to me was left back, and I delighted in making a big rebound kick of an incoming ball to remove the threat to our goal. This fondness of sports developed here persevered through my life, which was very instrumental in strengthening my heretofore puny constitution.

The college library that I loved to frequent had a book entitled “Outlines of Science” in four volumes. I was an assiduous reader and took great interest in reading about the formation of celestial bodies by nebulae, as well as Darwin’s theory of evolution. In class we were given good foundation in language. Basic declension of nouns was taught in Latin and a textbook entitled “Fabulae Faciles” (easy fables) was a good starting point for knowledge of Greek and Roman mythology. Spanish classes kindled my longing to one day master that beautiful “lengua de los dioses” (language of the gods). I have always paid careful attention to writing English composition from elementary school days, and I got commendation for the best composition in the class for describing the photo of a traffic policeman at an intersection. Thus, when someone tell me that my English skill is good, I should remind that person that I went to St. George’s.


Read more


Newsletter April 2017_1

Obituary – Norman Phillip Wong

Norman Phillip Wong, age 50, of Boca Raton, passed away Sunday, April 9, 2017. Norman is survived by his loving wife, Dominique; three children, Natalia, Matthew and Justin; mother, Carol A. Wong; grandmother, Glessie Wong; brother, Bradford Wong (Christine); four sisters, Kathryn Morris (Gary), Sharon Arguez (Greg), Gabrielle Chin (Duncan) and Camille Best (Brendon); and numerous cousins. Friends will be received Monday, April 17, 2017 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM at Scobee-Combs-Bowden Funeral Home, corner of U.S. Hwy. #1 & N.E. 15th Ave., Boynton Beach. A Funeral Mass will be celebrated Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 11:00AM at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, 10935 South Military Trail, Boynton Beach. - See more at:

In lieu of flowers donations may be made to a college fund to be established for Norman's children via
To express condolences and/or make donations: Visit - See more at:

Further informaion on Norman's death.


Deacon Alex Lam in hospital with cracked fibs.

The Panama connection to Jamaica

Chinese Granny dancing WOW

Tour of Hakka Village – UNESCO World Heritage Site


Pagoda Magazine

How many of you remember the Jamaica Pagoda Magazine?

I do, as the first editor of the magazine was Thomas HoLung (Danny's Dad) who left a lasting impression on me as a child.

After Uncle Thomas's death the magazine was taken over by Eddie Young famous for being a boxing promoter as well as the owner of West Indies General Insurance, where I started my insurance career.

Unfortunately, Eddie was killed in a car accident (while I was still working at WIG) and the magazine was taken over by Leslie R. Chin (Dave's Jamaican Bakery).

Please correct me if I am wrong, it was then taken over by my buddy Clive Fung (Associated Printers) a member of the Chinese Scouts. He advised me that due to a fire at the printery all the archived copies of the Pagoda was lost.

A group of CJ's would like to undertake digitizing any copies that are still around, so if any of you have copies please get in touch with me.

Here is an article written my an old friend of my parents, Captor Ho Yen, who was the manager for Crown Life Insurance.

The copy shown is not that great, but it can be read if enlarged.

The British Guyana migration to Jamaica

We tend to refer to all Chinese from Jamaica as Chinese Jamaicans but in fact many of are originally from what was British Guyana.

Names such as Hendrickson, Ewing Chow, Ho Yen, Cheong, Young Kong, are among the many as well as the well know real estate developer of Beverly Hills,  Pat Chung.

Chris Cheong you are one! 

Would anyone like to submit an article on this migration? 

My China Roots – Are you curious about your Chinese ancestry?

Ms. Clotilde Yap from My China Roots in Beijing gave a presentation on Thursday 23th March at the CBA Center Conference Room (downstairs).  

Newsletter March 2017_2

Shui Mein Nite – TTA

THHA Plum Blossom Ball April 22nd, 2017

Green China Rising

This was submitted by Lloyd Tenn. The video is nearly an hour long but more than worth while watching. After watching it made me proud to be Chinese. 


Chinese Scouts Gay Farewell Party for scouts leaving for the 8th World Jamboree reported in the Pagoda Magazine

Funny how the word "Gay" has changed in its connotation.

Can anyone identify the girls the boys are dancing with?

This section of the Pagoda Magazine dated August 20th, 1955 was submitted by Neville Hoo. It was kindly loaned to him by Roy Tenn.

If anyone has copies of old Pagoda magazines we would love to copy them digitally to add to our archives.

According to Clive Fung, who was the last editor of the magazine, the copies that he had, were unfortunately lost in a fire. The magazine was first edited by Thomas HoLung, followed by Eddie Young, then Leslie Chin and finally by Clive Fung. 


Keith Chang, Andrew Hoo and Laddie Kong

Who the skinny guy sitting on the post? 

We are Hakka. Tour of Hakka country.

Keith Lyn

Born in Jamaica under the sign of Pisces.

He was a strong foundation member and lead singer with the Caribbean number one band, Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, and was recognized as the artist most consistently capturing the number one spot on the Caribbean Charts during the seventies, eighties and nineties.

Keith is also the co-writer of the International hit son "Jamaica Ska" which was featured in the film "Back to the Beach" with Anette Funicello and recorded by many bands worldwide. Keith is well know for his signature song "Empty Chair" and "Portrait of my Love" which was dedicated to the first Miss Jamaica to win the title of "Miss World" (Carole Joan Crawford). 

He also featured in the James Bond movie "Dr.No" film singing the opening number "Three BlindMice" and "Jamaica Jump-up" along with the Dragonaires.

Here are some of Keith songs featured on YouTube. This is a playlist of 6 of your favorite Keith songs.


Keith has toured extensively world-wide, notably in Germany, Iceland, Hungary,England, Taiwan, Brazil and is famous throughout many of the Caribbean Islands and South America.

Today, Keith still sings, tours and is involved in volunteer work giving back to the community from which he has received so much. 

Newsletter 03_2017_1

How to find old or expired websites.

You will all recall that for nearly a year our website was down due to hacking. After trying for many months to recover the site by deleting the malware from the WordPress installation I finally gave up and decided to go ahead and start from scratch. 

What is interesting however, as many of you may have learnt, sometimes the hard way, is that nothing goes away on the internet. 

Here is an interesting article on this subject published by the New York Times.

The good news is that we are now able to view some of the older postings for by going to this website.

Many of you have asked about some of the recipes posted by Chef Boogsie Lue Tenn, and I am happy to say that some of these can be views on the above link. If you have a particular recipe that you are looking for and you can't find it, please get in touch with me and I will be happy to see if I can recover it for you and re-post it on the current website. 

If anyone has a good recipe please send to me with a picture of the completed dish or preferably a video of you making the dish.

Laddie Kong

Website administrator




China and Jamaica strengthen south-south cooperation

 Chinese festivals, the Lunar New Year is celebrated with food.

submitted by Linda Chin Yee

Continue reading

Newsletter -02_2017_2

Phil Chen

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Who has not yet heard of the fabulous Phil Chen OD?

So much has been documented about him, we need not write anything, but only give you the links to his accomplishments.

THE 17th staging of Tribute To The Greats takes place July 26 at the Chinese Benevolent Association in St Andrew. Dubbed 'The Chinese Connection', it salutes the contribution of the Chinese to Jamaica's popular music. Today, the Jamaica Observer presents the third in a six-part series on some of the recipients. For more go to

Toronto’s Caribbean Chinese Association (CCA) celebrates its’ 40th anniversary in this Year of the Rooster.

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Submitted by - Michelle Lyn 

Toronto’s Caribbean Chinese Association (CCA) celebrates its’ 40th anniversary in this Year of the Rooster.  Spearheaded by Hubert Lue (the CCA’s first President) and Louis Chong, founding members organized a gathering at a restaurant in Chinatown in 1976.   The association was formed the following year with the intention of helping immigrants from the Caribbean with Chinese heritage to acclimate to their new surroundings, provide support and offer opportunities to socialize with familiar faces from back home. 

Continue reading

Newsletter – 02_ 2017_1

Tsung Tsin Association – Tweens and teens learn how to cook

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March Break is next month already, and lucky you if your family is planning to go away on vacation for the week.  But if not, here is an opportunity for youths between the ages of 10 - 18 years old to spend a day at TTA watching a movie and learning how to cook.

The tweens and teens can bring along a friend or friends on Wednesday, March 15 to watch the famous movie - Anne of Green Gables - and learn how to cook using just a rice cooker.  The Fun Day is from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. and is free.  Lunch is also included. This is an opportunity for the younger generation to know their Hakka home away from home, meet new friends, maybe make lifelong friendships and learn some survival skills.

Please contact:  Marjorie - 905-831-1805 or email - MLLUESANG@GMAIL.COM

CBA hosted the Shijingshan Folk Art Group from Beijing China.

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The CBA hosted the Shijingshan Folk Art Group from Beijing China. Now for the performance, MC's for the night were Dervan Malcolm and Su Ying. The Troupe which consists of dancers, singers, acrobats and a magician, perform 11 pieces which were well received by the audience. Right after the performances the CBA President Damian Chin made a presentation to all the performers and instructors.

Patrick Chung – New England Patriots

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -

Chung was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He has four brothers and three sisters.[1]

Chung attended Rancho Cucamonga High School in Rancho Cucamonga, California, where he played football as a safety and wide receiver and was a two-time All-League pick.Chung's mother, Sophia George-Chung, is a Jamaican reggae artist who was popular in the 1980s.[2]His half-brother, Brian Carey Chung, is a dancer, choreographer, and poet.[3]Chung is of Chinese Jamaican descent.

Patrick Christopher Chung (born August 19, 1987) is an American football strong safety for the New England Patriots of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Patriots in the second round of the 2009 NFL Draft. He played college football at Oregon and has also been a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.



Caribbean Immigration to the Caribbean Basin

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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Obituary – Ruby Lyew Sang

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In Memory of
Ruby Lyew Sang
March 5, 1928 - January 29, 2017
More information to follow.

Obituary – Gloria Chin

It is with much sadness that I inform you of the passing of Mrs. Gloria Chin on Sunday Feb. 5th.  Mrs. Chin was a TTA Honorary Lifetime Member, and widow of the late Mr. Allan Chin, of Allan's Pastry Shop Ltd.

Funeral service for Gloria is set for Sunday February 12th at Highland Funeral Home at 16th Ave and Hwy 404, with visitation at 11 am.

Thank you.

Clive Yapsam


Newsletter – 01_2017-2

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Chinese New Year is celebrated with food.

Submitted by L.Chin Yee

Obituary – Jeffrey Chin

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Jeffrey Chin on Sunday, January 1, 2017 at the age of 90 years.  He leaves daughter, Janet (Wilbert Wong), grandchildren Darren, Craig, and Andrew and four great grandchildren; two sisters, Sr. M. Joan Clare, O.S.F. and Olwyn Fung; his dear friend, Pat; and many relatives and friends.  Jeff was predeceased by wives Joyce (Chai) and Ruby (Hoo).
The funeral service will be held at 1p.m. on Saturday, January 7, 2017, at Sts. Peter & Paul Church, 120 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6.  Internment at Dovecot Memorial Park, St. John's Road, St. Catherine.

Obituary – Hector Chong

CHONG, Hector Alanzo, Business Executive, Managing Director Lascelles Merchandise Ltd. since 1980. Director of Fish Importers Ltd., Yes Distributors Ltd. Organizations: Director Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, Vice-President Royal Air Force Association. Born: Dalvey, St. Thomas, January 26, 1926, son of the late Albert Chong, Business Proprietor, and Mary Nankoo-Chong. Educated: Buxton High School, Durham College. Career: Service in Royal Air Force 1943-45. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Married: Coleen Moore, October 1, 1950; 2 sons, 1 daughter. 

Obituary – Douglas Chin

Douglas “Dougie” Francis Chin, 76, of Toronto, ON, Canada passed away at his home on Tuesday, January 17, 2017. He was born on March 14, 1940 in Kingston, Jamaica to Kenneth and Emily (Lee) Chin.

Survivors include his wife Ivy; his 2 sons, Ian Douglas (Kimberly) of Oshawa, and Warren (Tanya) of Toronto; 1 daughter, Frances of Toronto; 3 grandchildren Caitlin, Andrew, and Carmel; 2 brothers Joe of Miami and Alec of Boca Raton; 2 sisters Veta Chang of Toronto and Shirley Cronin of Wabaushene; as well as many loving nieces, nephews, relatives and friends.

Douglas always had a curious mind and loved to work with electronics at a young age. His determination and dedication to electronics allowed him to have a successful career with Phillips before starting his own company DIB Electronics in Kingston, Jamaica.

In 1976 he emigrated to Canada where pursued his passion for electronics and entrepeneur spirit led him to run a successful company, Industrial Electronics and start a new company PT Lights until his death. He was a dedicated Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fan and enjoyed his semi-annual fishing trips to Florida.

Visitation will be from 9:00 to 10:00 am followed by a prayer service at Elgin Mills Cemetary on Wednesday January 25, 2017. Donations and Best Wishes Only, In Memory of Douglas Chin, Lakeridge Health Foundation, 905 -433-4339/

Obituary – Dr. Vincent Chin

Date of Birth 1953
Place of Death-Markham, Ontario
First Visitation
When Monday, January 16th, 2017, 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Chapel Ridge Funeral Home

8911 Woodbine Avenue
Markham, ON
L3R 5G1

Obituary – George Lee

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, July 14, 1933, passed away peacefully on January 16, 2017, at Leesburg Regional Medical Center in Leesburg, Florida, at the age of 83. He will be deeply missed by Icyline, his wife of 64 years; his 10 children Janice (Tony), Valli (Gary), Kay (Peter), Grace (Richard), Georgina (Anthony), Colleen (James), Jeweldine,Tyrone (Estela), Kerin and Clint.

Beloved grandpa to 22 grandchildren (1 deceased) and 18 great grandchildren. Brother to John, Harry, Carmen and Fay; and deceased brothers Alvin, Rupert, Vernon and Henry.

Visitation will be held 6-8pm on Wednesday, February 1, 2017, at Baldwin Fairchild Funeral Home, 601 North Park Avenue, Apopka, Florida 32712.

The Funeral Service will be held at 10am on Thursday, February 2, 2017, at

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, 834 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Apopka,

Florida 32703.

Interment follows at Highland Memory Gardens, 3329 East Semoran Boulevard, Apopka, Florida 32703.


From the Editor

News in the CJ Community is coming is so fast I may have to start posting our Newsletters bi-monthly. 

This is due mainly to the volume of obituaries that are coming in two to three on a weekly basis. If I only post on a monthly basis this news will be outdated. Hopefully it will taper off as the year goes by.

In our second newsletter for the month on Jan.,2017, I will be featuring "Chinese Jamaicans in music and the impact they have had on the Jamaican music scene". 

Please forgive me for some of the images in the newsletter if you are unable to read them. Unfortunately most of them are sent to me inserted in an  email and not as an attachment, so I have to copy the image using special software, and in doing so the image looses its resolution. Having said that, if you are sending me a picture or a flyer please send it as a attachment, with as high a resolution as possible. 

To my editors and contributors, please send me a current photograph of yourself, as I would like you to start submitting editorial articles on topics such as recent travels, stories of your past, or just getting things off your chest.

Readers, don't forget to send me announcements on births, birthdays, engagements, weddings and achievements like graduations, and position appointments that you are proud of, along with pictures.

As always, please give me suggestions on how I can improve the website.

Laddie Kong

Editor and Webmaster


Dr. Linda Chen MD – Your outstanding CJ for the month

This posting was taken from the Jamaica Daily Gleaner 

Assertive, assiduous, caring and persevering are only a few attributes which capture the essence of Dr Linda Jane Chen.

A great listener, she is blessed with an unrivaled passion to serve. Chen underscores the importance of empathy and humility as critical components for success. She endorses humanism in a demanding and time-consuming scientific-based field. She believes that, "You have to have the ability to step outside yourself and objectively review an experience, ie honest self-analysis. In doing this, you can either replicate behavior that lead to success or change behaviors that don't. In all things, you have to have the ability to get yourself up and dust yourself off and move on. If I can go to work and change or save someone's life, then every day is a success for me." Continue reading at

The face of Disney’s Mulan

You have all seen the Disney Movie "Mulan" but did you know that the model for the character was Mimi Chan daughter of Pui Chan and Maggie Wong Chan?

On a recent visit to Orlando I had the pleasure of having lunch at the home of the multi talented family of Pui and Maggie's Chan.

Mimi Chan began her martial arts training under her father, Grandmaster Chan Pui, at the age of 3. By the age of 5 she was already performing in local exhibitions. At 17, she won her first of many Grand Championship titles. Now retired from competition, Mimi is currently undefeated.

At a young age Mimi began performing on stage at various exhibitions around the world. She has also performed at famous theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Florida’s Splendid China, MGM Studios, Busch Gardens and Epcot Center.

Laddie Kong

Website Editor

Pui Chan – Kung Fu Grandmaster

Keeping tradition alive in a modern world...

Step into the extraordinary life of Pui Chan, a Chinese immigrant who overcame challenges in early childhood… and eventually made a life for himself.… One that would touch the lives of many others around the world. It all started with a simple dream… and today, the dream lives on. This family-authorized biography follows the path of a young boy who learns the value of hard work and perseverance through kung fu training, escapes the harshness of political oppression, bravely ventures out on his own, and embraces opportunity in a new land. Watch Pui Chan from the beginning, as an eager martial arts instructor in 1960s Boston, Massachusetts, open his own Kung Fu school, and start to spread the tradition, always maintaining the original fundamentals and values he learned as a boy.

Pui Chan would finally realize his dream of building the first authentic Chinese martial arts temple in America as a tribute to his kung fu master. The now highly recognized Grandmaster Pui Chan, 6th generation successor of the Wah Lum Kung Fu System, is one of the pioneers responsible for bringing traditional Kung Fu to America, and leads an internationally renowned martial arts school and system across the world.

Fifty years later, Pui Chan's eldest daughter and successor Mimi Chan confronts a new set of challenges, trying to keep the traditional values alive in an increasingly modernized era.

Narrated by Mimi Chan.

For more details on Grand Master Pui Chan go to 


You also have the rare opportunity to learn kung fu from Grandmaster Pui Chan himself, or even have him cook you dinner!

The Chinese Benevolent Association Limited – Up coming events for 2017

The CBA is sponsoring the premiere of Fritzroy Smith/KhromaKey Media’s NEW documentary ‘Bonds of Promised Land’ on Thursday, January 26th at the Carib Theatre in Cross Roads, Kingston. This will be a red carpet event starting at 7:00pm and is free to CBA members and their friends: we would love to have you attend this memorable moment.

Thursday 26th January, 2017                   

Premiere of new documentary ‘Bonds of Promised Land’ at Carib Cinema 7.00PM

Wednesday 1st February, 2017 . 7.00 p.m             

Shijingshan Folk Art Troupe at CBA Center:

Morning - “Traditional Chinese Folk Art and Handicraft Exhibition”. Show including songs and dances.

Sunday 12th Feb, 2017  - Spring Festival and Garden Party at CBA Center

CCA New Year’s Eve Party

The Caribbean Chinese Association held their annual New Year's Eve party on December 31, 2016.   Over 230 members and friends of all ages of the Association were treated to a delicious 10 course Chinese banquet dinner at the Crown Prince Fine Dining in Toronto Ontario. 

TTA of Ontario New Year Celebration 2017

Terry Kong enlisted in the Chinese Army

Terry Chinese soldier

My brother Terry has decided that he wants to move to China to live but the only way he can get citizenship is to enlist in the Chinese military, so he has taken the jump. Here he is in his new uniform and as he speaks English they have offered his a commission so he will become a colonel. He is also an expert in computers so he is going to head up the hacking division. If you don't believe me see him in uniform.

For those of you who take things seriously, it is a joke. He was in a movie. Vancouver is big in the movie business. His daughter was in one of the Mac Gyver movies. If you subscribe to Netflix I will tell you the exact name in the series for those who have an interest More than a walk on part. 


Congratulation to Cecil and Cynthia Hugh-Sam on their 55th Wedding aniversary


Cecil and Cynthia Hugh-Sam is presented with a bottle of Champagne by the Caribbean Chinese Association M.C. Debbie Williams at the annual CCA NYE 2016 Dinner and Dance Celebration at Crown Prince Fine Dining in Toronto Ontario.  Cecil and Cynthia won the prize for achieving 55 years wedding anniversary among over 230 guests.

Vincent Chin celebrating his too many to count birthday

Obituaries – Francis Chan

Francis Chan

It is with deep regret and a very sad heart for me to advise that one of the best friends I have had during my life has passed away. So many fond memories. Laddie Kong

Francis Fook Ming Chan was born in Hong Kong on May 17, 1939 to Charles Henry (Chan VweShing) Chin-Yee and Cheng Siew Fun. He immigrated to Jamaica at the age of 16, where he met his wife Linnette Lim and started his family. Francis and Linnette has 4 kids; Francis Jr, Cedric, Kirk and Kezia.

When Francis first immigrated to Jamaica, he worked for Hannah Town Bakery. Displaying his ambitious drive for success, he managed to save enough money to become a partner in Hannah Town Bakery. During his time at Hannah Town Bakery Francis and Linnette, revolutionized the Easter Bun, earning Hannah Town Bakery the phrase “Hard To Beat!” Contd ......

Obituaries – Jennifer Chong Mamby

Jennifer Chong Mamby 1945–2016. It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Jennifer on Friday December 23, 2016 at Credit Valley Hospital. She was the beloved wife of the late Deryck Milton Mamby; Daughter of Lizette and William Austin; Mother of Melesha and Sharene; Grandmother of Siena, Raeya and Casen; Sister of Al, Peter, Colin, Patricia (Bopsie), Herbert and Gene; Aunt to 20 nieces and nephews. Service will be held on Thursday December 29, 2016 from 12:00pm to 2:00pm at Highland Funeral Home Markham Chapel, 10 Cachet Woods Court, Markham. Interment at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery. Condolences may be made left at

Obituary -Ruby Rosalind Ho Ken

Ruby Ho Ken

The Ho Ken family announces with great sadness the death of Ruby Rosalind (née. Fung) Ho Ken, 95 years old, on Saturday, January 7, 2017 at 3:15pm. 

Wife to Donald Ho Ken (deceased). Mother of Gloria, Elsa, Colleen, Hector, Dennis (deceased) and Patrick. Grandmother of Fuschia, Dylan, Jodie, Belinda, Kimberly, Mia, Shelley, Melanie, Seneca, Alex and Isobel. Great-grandmother of Amanda, Wilfred, Marlo, Luca and Iyomi.

Ruby loved her family immensely and travelled the world to be with them, flying from Vancouver to Toronto to Jamaica to Florida and London, England.

She was also an expert at needlepoint stitching, a craft she did lovely by hand creating works of art from chair covers to pictures, which were generously given to family and friends.

May God give rest and peace to her departed soul. Your thoughts, kind words and shared memories are greatly appreciated.

Obituary – Dr. Winston Chen

Winston Noel Chen, also known as Chenski, was born on August 30, 1934 in the town of Duncans, in the Parish of Trelawny.  Having won a Government scholar @ the tender age of 13, he enrolled in Munro College, Malvern, St. Elizabeth and began a career of academic excellence.  After graduation from Munro, he entered the University College of the West Indies Medical School to begin his undergraduate studies.  In 1959, Winston graduated with the Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery degrees, sharing top honors with Drs. Winston Chutkan & Raymond Lindo.  After finishing postgraduate work in the United Kingdom, he returned to Jamaica in 1961 and joined the Dept. of Microbiology @ the Mona Campus.  In 1967, he obtained the Diploma in Bacteriology from the University of Toronto & was chosen as the top student of his class.

Winston caught the “BRIDGE” bug in 1972 and plunged headlong into becoming a champion bridge player.  He represented Jamaica internationally on several occasions and won numerous championships. Winston won his first trophy in 1976 and his last one in 2012.  He and his life-long bridge partner, Arthur Kong, even travelled to faraway Japan to represent their country. 

In 2000, Winston retired from the UWI Dept. of Microbiology with the title of Senior Lecturer, after 39 years of meritorious service.  During this tenure, he was asked to act in the capacity of Dept. Head on several occasions.

This month’s outstanding CJ

Dr. Linda J Chen MD

Photograph from The Daily Gleaner

This posting was taken from the Jamaica Daily Gleaner -

Assertive, assiduous, caring and persevering are only a few attributes which capture the essence of Dr Linda Jane Chen.

A great listener, she is blessed with an unrivalled passion to serve. Chen underscores the importance of empathy and humility as critical components for success. She endorses humanism in a demanding and time-consuming scientific-based field. She believes that, "You have to have the ability to step outside yourself and objectively review an experience, ie honest self-analysis. In doing this, you can either replicate behaviours that lead to success or change behaviours that don't. In all things, you have to have the ability to get yourself up and dust yourself off and move on. If I can go to work and change or save someone's life, then every day is a success for me."

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, she is the product of a Jamaican father and British mother. She credits St Hugh's High School for Girls and Campion College as the catalysts for her hard-work ethic, sense of pride and drive to always do her best.

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